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My Personal Informer is a tool for monitoring online resources and keeping you informed of any changes
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16 November 2010

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Today, as businesses from around the world are increasingly becoming reliant upon the Internet, a cut throat competition has surfaced in the cyberspace wherein webmasters are being pushed to update their sites frequently to retain the interest of visitors. But unless you visit each and every of those websites manually, you would not be aware of the new developments taking place in them. So to make your task easy present to you a software program in the name of My Personal Informer as its name suggests will inform you regarding all the changes that happens to be in numerous sites present in the internet. So if you need any knowledge of Online auction sites or updates in any news portal, idea about job notices on job sites or Online coupons with limited times, information regarding new developments on Competitors Website or news of photos that appear on sites along with news about different software updates then My Personal Informer is all you need.

My Personal Informer will automatically download several pages that it finds in the internet; analyze all the contents present in it and compares them to the keywords. It displays all the updates in the notification window and as an alert it can play sound for your convenience. It also has the ability to take snapshots of various contents in the Webpage and save it so that you can view them later on. Built-in web browser that it has got in it will enable you to search various websites and enable you to view each and every type of content they holds. It searches the internet at a very fast pace and notify you constantly at a very quick span. And as far as contents are concerned all the important information will never be missed from your eyes if you are using this informer application.

So if you are marketing expert, businessman, scientist, blogger, journalist, students or into any other profession that demands keeping up to date with current happenings My Personal Informer is the best solution one can offer to you. Hence it receives a score of four and a half rating points out of five.

Publisher's description

My Personal Informer is a program designed to monitor the changes to Web pages including blogs and forums or any other Web resource.
This makes it far easier to analyze information gathered from online resources. It automatically monitors web content and when it detects that content has been updated, it will save the updated webpage to your computer.
This solution is ideal for those who have to deal with large amounts of information at work such as those who run online businesses. It also has its advantages in home use. Unlike common web content
monitoring services such as RSS feeds or email newsletters, My Personal Informer allows you to have complete control over what information you receive. You can also enjoy complete control and full access to data received.
The program settings are also highly customizable and users can configure as many informers as they like, each one consisting of a number of different tasks. These tasks can carry out operations such as downloading and analyzing specified Web resources. Tasks can also perform operations such as checking for the appearance of specific keywords.
These tasks can also be set to focus on specified parts of pages only, defined by specified HTML elements. Notifications can then be sent to you as required. You can edit tasks visually and decide whether to have them started manually or according to a schedule.
Informers can also be created with just a few clicks using the built-in web browser included with the software. Snapshots will be taken and downloaded by all of your tasks which also facilitate quick previewing of your captured data.
My Personal Informer
My Personal Informer
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